IS Who.Lynley first came to Bali in 1969 and she loved it.

Back then it was an island with little electricity, running water or finished roads and trading your old Levis to the locals equaled a free weeks accommodation.

Much has changed since then and Lynley's input into the Balinese hospitality industry has congered up the most imaginative and innovative private parties the island has seen. Feature articles written in the 'New York Post', 'Australian Belle', 'Australian Vogue' and 'The Sunday Times' has contributed to many contacting her to organise their special event.

Lynley's clients include Elle Macpherson, Louis Vuitton, Jason Donovan, Oliver Stone, Tina Arena, Danny Huston, Wayne Cooper, Mellisa George, Donna Karan, Michele Adams, Johnie Anderson (JA) and Peter Weiss.